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Frédéric Filloux, better than anyone else before, on the troubles affecting news publishers’ business:

"The essence of what we’re seeing here is a transfer of value. Original stories are getting very little traffic due to the poor marketing tactics of old-fashioned publishers. But once they are swallowed by the HuffPo’s clever traffic-generation machine, the same journalistic item will do tens or hundreds of times better traffic-wise.

Who is right? Who can look to the better future in the digital world? Is it the virtuous author carving language-smart headlines or the aggregator generating eye-gobbling phrases thanks to high-tech tools? Your guess. Maybe it’s time to wake up.”

News publishers need to get with the program | Technology |
The hackers and engineers of Y Combinator are doing what hackers and engineers do to any industry, they’re efficiently and ruthlessly disrupting the traditional model of venture capital and are going to destroy far more more wealth for their contemporaries than they create for themselves, as broadband did to entertainment, Craigslist did to newspapers, and Amazon did to traditional retailers. This is what outsiders, by definition, do.
On the Evolution of Investing — Matt Mullenweg
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